No Profit, No Pill

RepublicanAmerican, June 2017

GlaxoSmithKline to pull drug for sick child

Child with KCNQ2 losing access to the only medication which controls his seizures.

A CRISPR Way to Fix Faulty Genes

National Public Radio, June 2014

Scientists from many areas of biology are flocking to a technique that allows them to work inside cells, making changes in specific genes far faster — and for far less money — than ever before.

Why A Diagnosis Matters

Translational Genomics Research Institute, April 2015

At TGen’s Dorrance Center for Rare Childhood Disorders, our doctors and researchers know that many rare diseases may not have names, but every child who suffers from one does. The causes, while unique to each child, are often found in their genetic makeup.

An Australian Story – A Place for Us

Australian Story, ABC 2013

Award winning television journalist Sara James was living the dream as an anchor and foreign correspondent for American network NBC. But with the birth of their second daughter came a curve ball.