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KCNQ2 Connections

A Focus on Food

fiber bible

Here at KCNQ2 Cure, especially during COVID-19, we find ourselves thinking a lot about food. Searching for new recipes. Recently, I caught up with a friend Down Under who has been doing the same thing. A cook herself, she wrote a magazine about it. Here is my interview…. Australian Pete Heine tells me she always…


KCNQ2-DEE Clinical Trial


Xenon Pharmaceuticals is currently developing XEN496, which is a proprietary pediatric formulation of the active ingredient ezogabine, for the treatment of KCNQ2 developmental and epileptic encephalopathy (KCNQ2-DEE). Ezogabine was previously approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as an anti-epileptic drug as an adjunctive treatment for adults with focal seizures with or without…


KCNQ2 Collaborations


Collaboration is key to efficiently advancing our mission to improve the lives of patients with KCNQ2 developmental and epileptic encephalopathy.

While KCNQ2 itself is a rare disease, it has many commonalities with other rare and not-so-rare disorders, and manifests with symptoms – such as autism, sleep and mood disorders, and GI issues – that are seen quite commonly.  We welcome discussions and partnerships with doctors, researchers, academic institutions, biopharmaceutical companies, and patient organizations, on a global basis, who share our passion of advancing treatments for patients with KCNQ2.  If you are interested in opening the dialogue with KCNQ2 Cure Alliance, please contact Caroline Loewy.

KCNQ2 Summit

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KCNQ2 Natural History Study

Click here to find out how to enroll in the KCNQ2 Natural History Study at Boston Children's Hospital

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