Bendigo couple gives gifts to KCNQ2 Cure Alliance

Bendigo Advertiser


“The pair also opted for their guests to make donations to KCNQ2 Cure, a charity that funded research into a genetic disorder causing epilepsy, intellectual disability and autism.

Jacqui Butcher, who was a flower girl in Thursday’s wedding, was one of the first 11 people diagnosed with KCNQ2.

Ms Jarvis babysat Jacqui and her sister, Sophie, when she was younger and was thrilled her wedding could help fund research into the illness.

The girls’ mother, Sara James, said she and husband Andrew were honoured by the couple’s kind gesture. ”


FLOWER GIRLS: Sophie and Jacqui Butcher were invited to join the wedding ceremony. The newlyweds asked guests to donate to KCNQ2 Cure, which will help find a cure for sufferers like Jacqui.