November 12th Denver, Colorado



Join us for KCNQ2 Cure’s 6th Summit on November 12, 2022, at the Magnolia Marriott, Denver, Colorado. 

This 1-day event is unique in that it is designed to unite all groups committed to improving the lives of those with KCNQ2 – including families, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. There will be speaker presentations on the latest advances in research as well as sessions with up-to-date information impacting patient care. This event allows the opportunity to foster new relationships and collaborations, both for families and professionals.



7:45 am >> Breakfast & Registration - 17th by Magnolia
8:30 am >> Welcome & Introduction - Sara James, KCNQ2 Cure Alliance Vice-President
8:40 am >> KCNQ2 101: Update and subtypes - Ingrid Scheffer, MD
9:15 am >> Cambridge Elements and KCNQ2 cell lines - Alfred George, MD
9:50 am >> Deciphering the Genetics in KCNQ2 - Stacy Cohen, MS, LCGC
10:25 am >> BREAK
10:40 am >> Invitae/Ciitizen Observational Study - Daniel Anderson
11:15 am >> Xenon clinical trial update - Xenon Pharmaceuticals
12:00 pm  >> LUNCH
1:00 pm >> Seizure types in KCNQ2 and indicated treatments - John Millichap, MD
1:35 pm >> Natural History Study Update - Annapurna Poduri, MD
2:10 pm >> KCNQ2 research a European update - Sarah Weckhuysen, MD
2:45 pm >> BREAK
3:00 pm >> Gene therapies for neurological disorders with a focus on KCNQ2 including editing strategies - Orrin Devinsky, MD
3:45 pm >> Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) - Carrie Scott, Thrive Autism Collaborative
4:10 pm >> Let's Talk Puberty in Special Medical Needs population - Eliza Buyers, MD

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